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“The Media is Social”

Следващите големи постижения в ?нтернет ще са свързани с максималното персонализиране на съдържанието за всеки индивидуален потребител. Поевтиняването на памети, процесорна мощ позволява да мислим не как да спестим процесорни ресурси, а да търсим ре?ения за персонализация. Най-успе?ните сайтове в … Continue reading

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“anatomy of a successfull social network”

Social networks suck. There is a new social network launched every other day, and they suck as well. Somewhere along the line, the evolution of social networks took a wrong turn, and we the consumers are left to choose bad … Continue reading

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When Facebook replaces real life – Joel Hall

I admit it. I’m a Facebook junkie. I have been a fan of, the social networking site that connects you to your friends, since it began in 2004. At first, it was only available to silver spooners at Harvard … Continue reading

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What’s Next After Social Networking?

The Eras of the Web Age #0 – eCommerce E-commerce is the most primitive way of making money online. It’s identical to the real world, where you have some products (real or virtual) and you sell them to consumers and … Continue reading

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