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Will web 2.0 give Europe’s startups a second chance?

It’s feeling like 1999 again in Europe. Hopeful young entrepreneurs are deserting consulting jobs to start Internet companies with funny-sounding names. VCs are initiating bidding wars for companies that appear to shoot out of nowhere. Could it be the “next … Continue reading

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How The Piratebay Raid Changed Sweden

First of all, the attack against the Pirate Bay was highly unsuccessful – they only stayed down for a couple of days before they were back in full force. Stronger than ever thanks to the widespread media attention. Subsequently several … Continue reading

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Стартира Портокал.Нет

Близо 2 месеца разработваме проект за онлайн магазин за поръчка на тениски с щампа на потребителя – Пазарът на тениски в България е за десетки мил. лв. годи?но, като този за тениски по поръчка на с потенциал за 1мил. … Continue reading

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Kazaa Pays Up in Piracy Case

Sharman Networks, the company behind the Kazaa file-sharing service, has agreed to pay $115 million to settle its long-running copyright dispute with the music and movie industries. The pending settlement put to rest two copyright infringement cases led by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer … Continue reading

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Google’s PayPal Could Be Big

Google’s online payment service could prove to be a gold mine for the search giant, analysts say, as the company begins to allow consumers to use the service to shop on Google Base, an online listings site likened to Craigslist. … Continue reading

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Israeli Startups Raise $404M

Israeli high-tech startups raised $404 million in the second quarter of the year, according to a report released Monday. The Israel Venture Capital Research Center quarterly survey reported that the amount represented a 12 percent increase over the previous quarter … Continue reading

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YouTube serves up 100 million videos daily online

YouTube, the leader in Internet video search, said on Sunday viewers have are now watching more than 100 million videos per day on its site, marking the surge in demand for its “snack-sized” video fare. Since springing from out of … Continue reading

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Metro Pcs Ringtones – Download The Latest Hits On Your Phone

Download Your Ringtones Choose Your Carrier: 100% FREE Ringtones Info Metro Pcs Remember Ringtones Metro pcs ringtones Polyphonic ringtones are now buying phones that are ready to pick the perfect ringtone at your mobile phone. Metro pcs pho ringtones The … Continue reading

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