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The earlier you start in life investing in stock, the better you’ll be off on the stock market in the long run

The association a lot of people have with financial writing is that it’s dry, Saharan, desert dry, and that there’s a lot of jargon, and it’s pretty much disconnected from our daily lives. And what people need to see is … Continue reading

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Pure computer programmers might be in big trouble some time soon…

By STEVE LOHR, NYTimes Jamika Burge is heading back to Virginia Tech this fall to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science, but her research is spiced with anthropology, sociology, psychology, psycholinguistics – as well as observing cranky couples trade barbs … Continue reading

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Baghdad from a bulletproof window

This was my third trip to Iraq, and the first time I felt I was never really there. I saw Iraq from a distance: from behind the confines of a four-inch bulletproof window; from the eighth floor of my hotel; … Continue reading

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Russia’s new rich living it up at the expense of millions of ordinary people

It is Saturday night and tan young people in designer clothing recline on richly upholstered couches in a chic new nightclub called Chocolate. Bentleys and Ferraris are parked outside. A French DJ named Red is playing lounge music. These are … Continue reading

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Bulgaria’s Chalga Music as a British comprehends it

“Tonight you will experience Chalga,” said Vladimir Kisiev, as we walked sedately towards the centre of Smolyan. “Chalga?” queried the ignorant Englishman. “Oh yes, Chalga,” said Ivelina Metchkarova. “Something very special.” “What is this Chalga?” enquired the still-mystified Briton. “Music,” … Continue reading

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Ever wondered what is a FICO-score (USA) ?

For an insight-view on how credit card companies operate and why US consumers are obsessed with them have a look at the PBS Fronline series on the subject… though the highest ratio of CC-users are the British! ————————————————————————————— A credit … Continue reading

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Google’s New Shares: Are They Worth the Price?

Google, the Internet search engine that went public a year ago this week, said Thursday it plans to sell up to 14.8 million shares in an attempt to raise more than $4 billion. The announcement sent shares of the Mountain … Continue reading

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Home Internet Services@USA

Since I’m about to stay longer and longer periods of time here in the US (in metropolitan Washington D.C.) I had to find some normal broadband service available in my area. For a little while since I arrived here I … Continue reading

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Short photo-collection of Dubai’s most challening projects

Dubai is an extraordinary city in all its aspects – business, culture, architecture, experience and is about to get much, much betterin the years ahead… they are investing very wisely the piles of money they can generate from the overpriced … Continue reading

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Ще бъде ли светът китайски?

Това е световна премиера. Леново поема PC-бизнеса на IBM. Един китайски концерн, чието име доскоро никой не знае?е, поглъща части от един западен индустриален гигант. Нека си представим, че MercedesBenz продава своя отдел за проектиране на двигатели на някоя китайска … Continue reading

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