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The Future of Cable TV in an Open World

The race is on to turn your TV into an open content platform. This will bring more programming to your set and much of it won’t come from the traditional networks. Conspicuously absent from the game are your local cable … Continue reading

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Вече съм известен!

От колегите в България разбрах, че цветущо съм представен в посредствен вестник, като “24 часа”. Съвсем по псевдо-журналистически в опитите си максимално да се закачат за сензацията с bgmafia, ре?ават че вероятно на читателите ще им стане интересно кои са … Continue reading

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Неочаквана реклама

за ?ироко обсъжданата в медиите и тв онлайн игра – Continue reading

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Social networking – don’t invest in it just yet

Social networking is all the rage at the moment – indeed I’ve mentioned it’s value several times already. Social networks are an online extension of your existing offline interaction with people you know. They are a natural human activity so … Continue reading

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How to shut up and get work done

37signals is spread out over four cities and eight time zones. From Provo, Utah to Copenhagen, Denmark, the five of us are eight hours apart. One positive side effect of this eight hour difference is alone time. People need uninterrupted … Continue reading

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Бизнес-процесите в САЩ

Докато съм в САЩ ми е интересно да наблюдавам организираното протичане на всякакви процеси в ежедневието – от пазаруването в моловете до доставките по домовете; видимо всичко по системата е смазано до безумие и си личи по спокойствието, което лъха … Continue reading

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Be a Mentor, Not a Taskmaster

Today’s demographic trend is impossible to ignore and has big implications for workplaces across America. Seventy million Americans who belong to Generation Y (born between 1977 to 2002) are entering the workforce in massive waves. Add Generation Xers, who are … Continue reading

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