How to keep your job if you are a programmer

The following link: has some insights on the prospect of loosing your job if all you do is programming. As to why that is likely to happen you shall find out in the PP presentation.
Programming will become quite obsolete probably in the next 20 years as most of it will be done through some semi-automated languages. Good example is the children’s programming language called Lego – all you have to do is build block of the program through an intuitive interface and a couple of sample routines for loops etc. In the US alone 1mil. IT jobs will be lost in the next 10 years, many of them highly-paid. Those who depend on that kind of a job should be worried, but this also opens up the opportunity for many of these guys to finally get themselves up and try to take advantage of the global marketplace, .i.e. Internet. This shift toward cheap labor in E. Europe, Asia might just turn out as the right impusle for them to give it a try and many will succeed. The Internet today has so many opportunities, one is difficult to comprehend even a fraction of the real picture. Have a goal, follow with a rigid enthusiasm and soon or later it will payback or at least the greater the chance there is for you to be free of 8-17 job-shifts :-)

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